Giant Ferris Wheel

25M Ferris Wheel

25M Ferris Wheel  Parameter

Cabin Number


Rated Seats


Total Height


Wheel Diameter


Rated Voltage

3N+PEAC 380/220V, 50HZ

Rated Power

Driving Power


Required Area


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    Features of 25M Ferris Wheel for sale

    • Cabin with air conditioner or fan for your choice.
    • Round gondolas and square gondolas for your choice.
    • 4-seat cabin, 6-seat cabin, 8-seat cabin and 10-seat cabin for your choice.

    Description of 25M Ferris Wheel for sale

    • 25M Ferris Wheel features in attracting more people to your park.
    • Sinorides supply 25M Ferris Wheel For Sale with special connection and structure to ensure visitor safety. 
    • Let our technical experts to design a solution for your individual amusement park need now!

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