Sinorides 42m Ferris Wheel for Sale in Yanshan Park Jiangsu

Author:Sinorides Time: 1970-01-01

Sinorides, as a professional Ferris wheel manufacturer, can supply different heights of Ferris wheel for amusement parks, theme park, funfairs, fairgrounds, family entertainment centers, etc.
We have 25m, 30m, 42m, 49m, 50m, 65m, 72m, 88m Ferris wheel for sale.
If you want to buy amusement park rides, especially buy Ferris wheel, feel free to contact Sinorides! We will try our best to serve you.
Look at the example! Sinorides 42m Ferris wheel has been installed in Yanshan Park, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province. It makes much profit for our customer.
42m Ferris Wheel  for Sale
Yanshan Park covers an area of about 17133 square meters. There are many amusement rides in the park, such as 42m Ferris wheel, Luxury Carousel, Star Flyer, Log Flume Ride, Giant Pendulum, Roller Coaster, Wave Swinger, etc.
42m Ferris Wheel Manufacturer- Sinorides

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