Outdoor large Ferris wheel should pay attention to overhaul work

Author:Sinorides Time:2018-04-12

In order to ensure the normal operation of outdoor giant Ferris wheel, daily maintenance inspection is essential. For the operator, what should pay attention to in the daily amusement equipment inspection? Sinorides will tell you the core points about this:
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1, the foundation, organism, seats item
The foundation, organism, seats are the main body of the amusement equipment to bear the load. To ensure safety, passenger cannot depart from the person part (seat or cabin), and the person part cannot detach from the organism. Besides, the organism's spare parts cannot be detached, the organism and Foundation, the Foundation and the ground both cannot be detached.
The following items must be checked regularly to ensure the safety of children's amusement rides subjects.
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2, To ensure visitors can not be separated from the people part.
    ⑴ the handle, the seat belt or the safety bumper of the person part is fixed; the lock is reliable; and the phenomenon is no break damage;
    ⑵ the lock devices on cabin door, the entry and exit place are flexible, reliable, and no damage;
    ⑶ there is no cracks, corrosion and other damage on cabin skeleton and cabin body ;
    ⑷ blocking material hanging compartment doors and windows to prevent the passenger heading out is not damaged.
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3, to ensure that the parts of the body can not be separated from each other
The loose measures in the body parts of the the should be reliable when using bolts to connect , and the measures to prevent the fall off should be reliable when using pin-axis connection. There are no cracks, open welding and other break phenomena on welded parts. There are no obvious deformation on stress concentration site.
Therefore, it is very necessary to take the regular maintenance and maintenance of amusement rides for the visitors ' safety.

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